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TZMovers reserves the right to not move an item(s) that cannot be moved safely without damage to the home, item, surrounding area, or the person(s) moving the item.

Gas appliances will not be connected or disconnected.  TZMovers will not be held liable for the results of disconnecting or connecting appliances.

Fragile and special care items must be boxed, crated, and prepared properly. TZMovers is not be liable for damages due to load shift caused by steep driveways, uneven pavement, or bumpy roads.

If the customer helps or allows a third party to move any item(s) they release TZMovers of any liability from the total service if damages occur.

TZMovers is not be liable for any boxed goods not professionally packed by TZMovers or any glass items not professionally packed, i.e. mirrors, glass top tables, lamps, etc.

TZMovers is not liable for damage to mattresses due to bending or folding or dirtiness.

TZMovers is not liable for mechanical or electrical

items, i.e. computers, copiers, televisions or appliances unless there is evidence of external damage.

Cargo coverage is provided at $0.10 per pound. Property damage to the customer premises of both loading and unloading locations is $5.00 per square foot or linear foot of damaged area. For all property and item claims filed, TZMovers will deduct any concessions provided off standard prices prior to settlement amounts.

If the customer removes TZMovers from the job prior to finishing, a $150.00 charge will be added in addition to incurred labor, trip fee, and supplies.

Should TZMovers need to return a following day to complete a move, an additional trip fee along with a (3) hour minimum will be in effect.

If TZMovers is required to store the customer’s belongings the customer will pay $200.00 per day.

Customer agrees to pay for all incurred hours, trip fees, storage fees, and supplies used regardless of damage occurrence, mover’s arrival time, or their opinion of the movers’ speed.  Hourly rates continue to incur while moving specialty items additionally paid such as pianos, gun safes, etc. Hourly rates continue to incur in all situations such as heavy traffic, waiting on customer, after moving requests like final arrangements of items, etc.

All daily time total per day is rounded up to the nearest 15 minute increment. Hourly rate begins upon truck arrival and ends with customer

time initials. If moving time exceeds past 11:59 PM on any given evening the hourly billing rate will be 150% from 12:00 AM on.

TZMovers reserves the right to end moving contract with customer at any point if moving environment is deemed unfit by onsite moving contractor such as safety, customer disagreement, drug or alcohol consumption, etc.

Customer waives their right to arbitration by signing this contract and agrees that all disputes and damages will be settled within the parameters of the contract.  Should the customer decide to pursue legal action they will be responsible for all associated court fees for themselves and TZMovers.

Mover service tip is between the moving contractor and moving customer which cannot be refunded or altered by TZMovers. This contract is for Company office use/legal needs, yet we wish to provide the highest quality customer experience.

Moves provided for a 3rd party such as evictions or in any other form releases TZMovers of all liability.  The moving 2nd party client to take on this contract assumes all liability to the 3rd party along with any legal fees required of the Moving Company.

Client gives TZMovers express consent to bill remaining move amount to their card on file.

Please send all questions, comments, and suggestions to

By signing, the customer understands that:

(a) Once the movers leave the job site, Company liability for damage claim ends.

(b) There is a minimum of (3) hours on all jobs plus applicable trip fees.

(c) All balances must be paid in full, due upon completion of the move.

(d) Item damage claims must be resolved at the $0.10 per pound.

(e) Property damage claims must be resolved per this contract.

(f)Customer agrees to terms and conditions stated in this contract.

(g) For damage claim email pictures, weight, and descriptions to ​

(h) Moves that continue past 11:59 PM will be billed at 150% the hourly rate from 12:00 AM onward. 

TZMovers Mission and Values

To be a local moving company of choice for all residential and commercial clients.  To focus on continuous improvements and better

serve our communities.

Our word is our Bond.  We value serving the best interests of all our customers and always strive for win-win outcomes.

We encourage the quality of being excellent, ethical and honest in our services and forge long term customer and business relationships.

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