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Why should I use your company?

We are a local based BBB accredited Utah business. We value customers and we go above and beyond in taking care of our customers. Try us and the quality of work will speak for itself.
Experienced and friendly crew who knows best how to serve our customers
We provide both residential and commercial moving services in Utah.

When does the clock start/End for my move?

The clock starts when we show up at your initial location and ends when all items are unloaded at your final destination.

Do you provide blankets to cover the furniture/belongings?

We provide minimal blankets to cover your belongings. However, it is customer responsibility to ensure all their belongings/furniture are properly protected and covered.

Do you provide Saran Wraps?

Yes, we do provide saran wraps at an additional and minimal charge. We recommend customer notify us ahead of time so we can bring the saran wrap or customers can buy their own.

Is there a minimum number of hours required and Why?

Yes, We require a minimum of three hours. This allows us to afford to pay our crew.

Do you provide packaging services?

No packaging services is provided by TZMovers. Unless such arrangements are made prior to booking.

Do I remove all items out of the drawers for the dresser?

Yes , it is easy to transport the dresser when drawers are removed.

Do you guys disassemble and assemble some pieces of furniture?

Yes we do.

How do you transport Breakables?

All breakables should be safety packaged and clearly labeled. In most cases, we recommend customers transport breakables on their own.

Can family members help with the move while TZ Movers are on site?

We do not recommend family members helping our team while they are working on the move. Should the family member accidently damage a piece of furniture, TZ Movers will not be held liable.

Why do you charge fuel Surcharge?

A fuel surcharge only help to contribute to the cost of gas for the Truck. Salt Lake and Utah counties the fuel surcharge is fixed at $40. Davis/Weber and all other counties the fuel surcharge is $70.00. The fuel surcharge is only a one time charge. If the move take longer than a day, a new fuel surcharge will be added for the next day.

Will you move my Television Set and other Electronics?

No, Due to the fragile nature of electronics such as TVs, we recommend customers transport such type of items on their own. Call our customer support for clarification.

Is there extra charge for the stairs?

No extra charge for moving furniture's via the stairs. Please know that booking the right number of crew will help carry heavy items with easy via the stairs. Call our customer support if you need clarifications. The crew will move at the speed that will ensure no damage to the property or furniture.

Do you charge fixed rates or hourly rates?

Our services are billed/charged hourly. For All service levels, we require a minimum of three hours. Any additional time will be prorated.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No hidden Fees whatsoever. All standard fees are disclosed at the time of booking.

Does your truck have a lift?


Do you guys provide Dolly's?


Do you help loading and unloading PODS?

Yes, Customers can book our crew for labor only services for loading and unloading PODS and other items that are needed to be moved in around the House, basement and garage.

Can you give me a specific time frame how long the move would take?

No, Every move is different and unique as all customer do not live in the same type of houses or dwellings and have different amounts of furniture and distance to where they are moving varies.

Do you provide cost estimates?

Yes, we do provide estimates but the final bill is dependent upon the actual total number of hours the move was completed in.

Is there a required booking deposit?

Yes, a $100 Deposit is required to hold your reservation. The deposit will be counted towards your final invoice.

When Do I pay for the final invoice?

Payment is due upon completion of the job with no exceptions. - We accept all major credit card types. - Other acceptable payment types includes PayPal and Venmo - No Checks please.

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as the notice to cancel service is received 48 hours prior to the reservation day, the booking deposit will be 100% refunded. If the notice to cancel is less than the 48 hours prior to the reservation day, no refund will be issued.

What is the charge for the second Truck?

Some large moves may require one or more trucks to complete. The charge for the second truck will vary depending on the size of the truck requested for.

Are you insured?


How Do I report a claim?

It is our intention to ensure all customer furniture are safeguarded during the loading, transportation and unloading. There are sometimes when items get damaged on accident. Please inform the crew while they are site about the damaged item. If the item is not reported within 72 hours of the move date, the claim will not be honored. All claims are processed pursuant to the service agreement found here (Add Web link). - Proof of damage is required in form of pictures to be sent to the company immediately.

What is the terms of services

All customers who book our services agree to and are bound by the service agreement located here (Link)

Is there an extra charge for the Piano moving?

Yes and No. If the customer booked a four men crew there is NO extra charge for the piano. But if they have booked a two or three men crew, we might not be able to move the piano for safety reasons or we will move the piano for an extra charge. - Please note ,we don't take pianos or huge gun safes anywhere with more than 3 steps, going up or down stairs for safety to the piano and moving crew.

Where are you located?

We have TZ Movers locations in North Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Provo and Clearfield. - We service all customers along the Wasatch Front from Logan, Ogden, Layton , Greater Salt Lake Valley/Metro areas, West Jordan, South Jordan, Sandy, Mill Creek, Provo , Herriman, Saratoga Springs ,and West Valley plus many more areas along Mountain West corridor.

TZMovers Mission and Values

To be a local moving company of choice for all residential and commercial clients.  To focus on continuous improvements and better

serve our communities.

Our word is our Bond.  We value serving the best interests of all our customers and always strive for win-win outcomes.

We encourage the quality of being excellent, ethical and honest in our services and forge long term customer and business relationships.

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